Saturday, June 18, 2011

Support Systems, and Staying Accountable

How many of you have a good support system?   Are you successful?

How many of you do not have a good support system?  Are you successful?

A good support system is SO important! When you have friends, family and co-workers supporting you, it's easier to stick to the plan. Whatever your plan may be.

That brings me to my friends.   My friends in real life, my Facebook friends, my OH friends, and even some online friends I've never met are all FANTASTIC supporters.   You guys keep me motivated more than you know.  Just knowing that someone is out there ready to read what I have to say, and ready to give me the feedback I need, whether its a "Congratulations" or some tough love telling me to get my head out of my ass...  the support you guys have for me means so much to me!

So for that... I thank you!

Let's talk about my amazing friends just for a minute...

Lis in Las Vegas has started a 12 week challenge with her co-workers and I decided to join her.  We just finished week 3. Her co-workers arent really work out type people, but Lis is.  So she challenged them to no junk food for 7 days, and at least 150 minutes of exercise.   I told her I'd give her 300 minutes of exercise (which is what I already do anyway) and that I could have junk at least 2 days out of the week.  She's a hard ass, and told me NO WAY.   So, since I love her to pieces, and I know she only has my best interest at heart,

I joined her stupid stupid no junk challenge.  :)    
Starting today...  I cannot have any junk for 7 days. NOTHING!!! 

no chips
no cookies
no candy
no cake
no ice cream
no fast food

and the worst one... NO ALCOHOL.  eeeek

You get the point.   Today and tomorrow will be the hardest.  I have a graduation party to go to this afternoon, and a birthday party for my niece tomorrow afternoon, followed by dinner with my in-laws at an amazing Italian restaurant tomorrow night.   Oh boy.

In addition to Lis' challenge...  Kerry from Florida has started her own challenge.  40 by 40.   She's aiming to lose 40 lbs by her 40th birthday in November.  So what do I do...  sign me up!!!!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a challenge!  

I'd like to think that I push myself enough... and I do when I'm at the gym.  I kick my own ass at least 3 days out of the week.  Heart rates up, I'm drenched with sweat, my muscles are burning...   But my friends... they know me all too well, and they know that I need to be pushed when it comes to my eating habits, as much as I push them when it comes to their gym habits.

So far today I've had coffee and water.

I hit the gym for a 70 minute work out (3.25 mile run, and arms/back/shoulders) for 805 calories burned.

I came home and ate a Jennie O Turkey burger with a slice of cheddar.

Not sure about food at my Aunt's for the graduation party, but I'm going to keep it in check for sure. 
 NO worries, I'll take a pic of the food I eat for you guys, and post it tomorrow.

And most importantly - WATER WATER WATER

Have a great Saturday!


  1. YAY, Im Kerry from FL! I dont know what I would do without a support system - no I havent lost a bunch if weight (yet) but if I didnt have you guys having my back - I would be that woman who they had to cut a hole in the house to get out. EVen when I cant be honest with myself, my friends can be honest for me. And I love them, you included of course, for that! :)

  2. anytime girlfriend!! ANYTIME! :)