Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Q&A

So many people ask me what I do at the gym, so I'm going to try to answer your questions as best as I can. Since "explaining" it is harder than actually showing you guys, I"m going to pull the info from my FAVORITE Strength Training website.  I use this site often.

When I first get to the gym I always start with cardio.   Now there have been several discussions and articles related to what to do first: Cardio or Strength Training.  I'm here to tell you that for almost 3 years now, Ive been doing cardio first, then weights, and it has worked for me.   I'm not saying the other way is wrong, I just know what works for ME.   SO - if you prefer doing weights first, by all means.   As long as you're getting up and moving at all, you'll make some progress and see results.  Promise.

Anyway -

I always start with cardio because #1 - it gets my heart rate up to where I want it to be, and then it'll stay up during my strength training, and #2 - mainly because I hate cardio and would rather just get it done and over with. LOL    Okay - so I dont "hate" cardio, but I'd much rather lift weights than do some boring elliptical.

Moving on...

For my upper body I do a combination of bicep/tricep/back/shoulder exercises.

A few of my favorites are

Over Head Extension

(8 lb weight, 3 sets of 10 reps per arm)  I dont use both arms at the same time.

Tricep Dips

I do a set of 15 dips in between EACH set of reps when I'm working my upper body.  Example - after 10 arm overhead extensions, I do 15 dips, and then I repeat.  I end up doing about 150 dips each time I work my upper body.
Tricep Kickbacks

Using 8 lb weights, I do 3 sets of 10 reps, again one arm at a time.

Bent Over Row

This works your back.  Instead of hand weights, I use a barbell.  The barbells are Golds are pre-set, which means that the weight is already added on them, so you dont have mess with building your own bar.   When I do Bent Over Rows, I use a 30 lb barbell, and again 3 sets of 10 reps.


Reverse Fly (back)

I do these standing up, same stance used in my Bent Over Row...I use 8 - 10 lb weights, depending on the day. Some days I feel stronger than others.  3 sets of 10 reps.


Front Raise (shoulders)

Using 8 lb weights, I do one "front raise" then come down, and do one "side raise", bringing my arms out to the sides (sorry I dont have a picture for this)    I repeat these for a complete set of 20.  10 reps of the front raise and 10 reps of the side raise.  I do 3 sets of these, for a total of 60 reps.


Shoulder Press (shoulders)

10 lb weights, 3 sets of 10.


Bicep Curls  (biceps)

I use 15 lb weights for these, and I do them standing.  3 sets of 10 reps.

In addition to my tricep dips, I also do 10 sumo squats in between each set.   Example - 10 bicep curls, then I go into 15 dips, then 10 sumo squats, end of set 1.   I then repeat, and go into set 2 of my bicep curls, repeat.

I hope this helps ladies!!!

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