Thursday, June 23, 2011

Challenge - FAIL!!!

Not completely though... I made it 5 days with NO JUNK.  This is by far a first for me.

You're probably wondering what "junk" I decided to eat...   I had a chicken nugget Happy Meal today for lunch, and a small piece of Gooey Butter cake for my afternoon snack.

No worries though...   I made it to the gym today, day #4 this week.

I climbed 45 floors on the stair climber, ran 1.79 miles on the treadmill and followed that with my arms/back/shoulder routine.

I ended up burning 722 calories today.

Total calories consumed today -1415, NET 693
Carbs -118
Protein -65

And even though I ate "junk" today.. I'm pretty sure that I'll STILL see a loss on the scale Monday..  Junk - all in MODERATION.. LOL