Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exercise is your friend!!

At least it should be!

If I didn't work out as much as I do, I'd gain weight.  Why?   Because these are a few of my favorite things...

Queso Dip and chips, dont forget the salsa!!!

MARGARITAS!!!!!  Usually frozen, or a Cadillac

Bud Light Lime 

Hot wings and french fries

Those of you who follow my blog know my feelings on depriving ourselves... there is NO SUCH THING in my life.    This weekend in fact, I've enjoyed all of these items AND worked out each day.

For me it's about give and take.  I burned 900 calories at the gym yesterday, and went out with friends last night.  We indulged in ritas and queso, then later I had Hooter's wings and fries and a few Bud Light Limes with the hubbs.  Today -  I ran my 3 miles so for dinner I'm going to order a pizza.  

Most of the time I over indulge. I treat myself a little too much sometimes, and Im sure I need to be more disciplined, but the way I see it, is that I'm living life, eating tasty food, enjoying company with friends and still losing the weight.

Yeah - if I didnt eat like this, I'm sure I'd lose 4 lbs a week, vs the 2 that I usually lose.  But, it's give and take and I'm okay with that.

Switching gears, I wanna go back to talking about motivating others for a minute.  A friend of mine called me yesterday and asked me to stop by her house.  I did, and she comes outside and thanks me for motivating her, and always pushing her, and being there to help her.  In return, she hands me some Gold's Gym gift cards.  She told me that there's nothing in their store that fits her, and she didnt want to waste the money.   I graciously thanked her, and bought myself some new shirts this morning after my work out.

You're ALWAYS stronger than yesterday!!!

Thank you Rosie for the gift cards!!!

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