Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday! Product reviews and an awesome NSV for me!

Okay so it's not really "funday" for me... I'd rather be sitting poolside soaking up the sun but the weather here in St Louis on the weekends has REALLY been crappy lately.   So what else is there to do on a Sunday??   Grocery shop, laundry, catch up on DVR, clean...etc.    That's what my day has been like.

I'm gonna start out today with a HUGE NSV for me.  For those of you who arent familiar with this term, it stands for "Non-scale victory".  We all know that scale victories are huge!!  The number goes down each week, Love that right!!??  But the NSV's are sometimes better.  At least last night, mine was for me.

You see this!!!???
I went out with my girlfriends last night... and I wore these.   These are my VERY FIRST pair of low rise jeans. EVER!!   I mean, EVER in my life!!!  Never have I had jeans go below my belly button!  And my god I LOVE it!! I felt great in these jeans, and I rocked them!!!   Best part - they weren't purchased in the Plus Size section... or the Misses section...  OH no friends... they were purchased in the JUNIORS section.. yep, you read that right!    NO worries though, I didnt wear my shirt like that. LOL I was covered, but had to lift it up for you to see.

Anyway - just wanted to share that with you, because far too often we get obsessed with the number on the scale, and this right here, this moment last night was better than that 2lb loss I had last week. 

Onto Product Reviews....

I just had these for lunch.   My friend Raina has been on me to try them, and I finally just paid the $3.59/box and bought some.  Well dammit they were worth it!!

Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings.   They're little chicken type nuggets coated with spicy breading.  5 pieces are 200 calories, 20 carbs and 12 grams of protein.  I dipped mine in some ranch dressing and they totally hit the spot for me.   You can microwave them, but I baked mine because I like a little crunch.   Definitely worth trying!!  Best part - 5 pieces (one serving) was a great size for me, and there are 15 pieces in the box.  So, $3.59 for 3 meals... $1.19 a meal, I'll take it!   GO get ya some!

I only got one question this week regarding my salads, and what I put on them without adding a ton of calories...  I start my salads with a romaine mix. I love romaine because its crunchy, and a salad should be crunchy in my book.   Add all the veggies you want.  The more, the better.  I like roma tomatoes, cucumbers, and shredded carrots in my salad.

 I've had a few friends tell me that this is the best salad dressing.   It's $3.99 a bottle so I was always too cheap to buy it.  2 tbsp of the ranch is 70 calories, 2 tbsp of the ceasar is 80 calories.  I dare you to find a better tasting ranch or ceasar for that low of calories!  Go ahead.. I dare ya!   Needless to say this is my dressing of choice from now on.   Occasionally I like a Balsamic Vinaigrette, and for that I buy TMarzetti's Light Balsamic, 2 tbsp is 50 calories.  I think TMarzetti's might be local though, so if you like Balsamic, you can try Newman's Own Lighten Up Balsamic, that has similar stats as the TMarzetti.

Toppings.   Pictured here is what I had in the pantry this morning.  Like I said, I like the crunch.  I love croutons, but seriously I can eat half the bag on one salad.  I like the French's fried onions, but  I tend to go overboard with them, so I try to limit using them.  Same with the LaChoy Chow Mein noodles. However, these Salad Toppings by Durkee and McCormick are awesome!  The Durkee is about $1.00 , only has one flavor and 30 calories per tbsp.  The McCormick is about $1.79, comes in 3 different flavors and also 30 calories per tbsp.  I usually use 2 tbsps. 

I usually have sliced almonds and soynuts on hand as well.  They add good fats to your salad, and again... the crunch.

I picked these up at Walgreens yesterday.   10 bars in a box, and they were only $1.   They're tasty! 

That's about it for me.  The rest of my afternoon will consist of more laundry, and snugglin with my Best Girl on the couch.  Dinner tonight is Shake n Bake chicken, fresh green beans, and roasted baby yukon golds.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends!

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