Saturday, April 30, 2011

End of Month Stats

Are you an everyday weigher???   I used to be, and it DROVE ME INSANE!!!  Day to day fluctuations and especially water weight for women during their period can cause an inaccurate number on the scale.   

Weighing everyday would cause me to yo-yo diet even worse than I already was.   Then I started weighing weekly.    That turned me into a self-saboteur.  I'd step on the scale, be down a few pounds, and "celebrate" and gain those few pounds right back.  Or, I'd step on the scale and be up a few pounds and say "Screw it..."  because I was already up a few anyway, so why not eat some more right??    There was a 6 month period last year where I didnt lose a damn pound. Some of it was caused by lack of working out, and not putting the right food in my mouth, but most of all it was because I was obsessing over the scale.  That's when a friend of mine told me that she used to only weigh every 6 weeks at her Dr's office.   DING DING!! Hello, GREAT idea!!!   I cant wait 6 weeks, for my own sanity... but instead I knew I could wait 4.  So, the past few months, I've been doing monthly weigh ins and I find that it works better for me.  Mostly, because I could give a shit what the number on the scale says... I just want to look and feel better, and I can tell a difference by the change in my clothes.  That's more important to me than a number.   However, I still need to see it to make sure I'm chuggin along in the correct direction.

So, onto the stats....

Last month I was 223, today I was 217.   That's a 6 lb loss for the month, and that is a slow HEALTHY loss. I wouldve loved to see an 8 lb loss, but realistically, I like to snack and drink wine too much.   LOL   Total to date, I'm down 113 lbs, 37 lbs until I'm at goal!

Today's plan....
Breakfast - ONE Pillsbury Reduced Fat Cinnamon Roll, in all it's DELICIOUS glory!!
Lunch - 2 Perdue Crispy Chicken Strips.   The thing I love most about these, is that you bake them, they're not fried, but they're breaded, so when they're done they're REALLY crispy and tastes "guilty" but they're not. I dipped them in 2 tbsp Bandanas Memphis Style bbq Sauce.  I believe Bandanas is local, so I'm sorry if you dont have this in your store.  I use the Memphis Style, which is the "Spicy" (green lid) shown here.  It's the best bbq sauce I can find, nutritionally speaking.  2 tbsp is 30 calories, 8 carbs and only 7 grams of sugar.   Most bbq sauces are around 100 calories for 2 tbsp and loaded with sugar.  If you cant find Bandanas sauces, then look for Stubb's Spicy BBQ sauce.  The nutrition info is similar to this.

I"m not  having an afternoon snack today, since my lunch wasn't until 1:00 pm.  

Dinner tonight is a pot luck.   We have a going away party for a military friend, and everyone's bringing a dish.  I made loaded baked potato salad.  Lucky for me, I dont eat potato salad because it's not so good for you, but super yummy.   LOL

The plan is to eat a little, and save most of my calories for the beer.    I'm trying this beer today.  I've never had it, but I LOVE Bud Light Lime, so we'll see how this goes.   105 calories per bottle.   I'm planning to have 4.  But of course, I bought 6... so that may change as the night goes on. 

Gym today was cardio and arms/back/shoulders.   I completed 60 minutes for a total of 707 calories.

That's it for me!   Enjoy your Saturday, and remember, tomorrow is Sunday Q&A.   I'll be answering more questions from you guys!