Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Oh how I love the weekends!!  Get up early, get to the gym, and then home to be lazy and catch up on all my DVR'd shows in between naps.   NO napping for me today though!  It's the husband's birthday and we have reservations at Maggiano's tonight.  I LOVE Maggiano's.  The atmostphere, the food, the vino... oh SO good, yet SO bad at the same time.  I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating it this evening had I not skipped the gym the past 2 nights AND ate 2000 calories both Thursday and Friday. But - tis life.   SO we'll enjoy dinner tonight, and a few glasses of wine, some dessert and have a good time!  After all, he's worth it. :)

I do have a plan though.    I'm going to have a few stuffed mushrooms, and their Margherita Flatbread.  Since Maggiano's doesn't post nutrition information, I don't have exact counts.... I"m aiming for a 1000 calories total. This is also why I choose not to eat here as often as other restaurants. I enjoy knowing what I'm putting in my body.

Good thing I burned 1016 at the gym this morning.  

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