Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tonight's Eats

2 cups Spring Mix
2 tbsp T Marzetti Light Balsamic
1 oz Atheno's Feta
1 oz shredded carrots

165 calories
7 carbs
6 grams protein

Jennie O Turkey Burger
170 Calories
0 carbs
16 grams of protein

After dinner, naturally I wanted something sweet so on a recommendation from one of my Las Vegas Besties, Nicole.... I opted for a  
Jell-O Temptations Apple Custard Pie

130 calories
26 carbs
0 protein

Ooohh!!  But I didn't stop there folks!!  I really wanted chocolate... been craving it all day.    I should've known better than to hold out, AND skip the gym tonight.  When I skip the gym, I'm an eating machine.  And when I crave something, ie: today's chocolate, I usually just give in, indulge a bit and the craving goes away.

Since I didn't do that earlier, I ended up eating the 130 calories in Jell-O
AND a 250 calorie Klondike bar.  True Story.

Today's grand total for calories... 2012.   wooops.    It happens.   And now I'm going to lay in bed in PJs, and catch up on DVR...    Tomorrow's a new day.


  1. I want to try cheesecake temptations I wasn't a huge fan of the apple pie :( I guess nothing replaces MC Donalds apple pie LOL

  2. HA! McDonalds Apple Pies are Dmitri's Favorites!!!!

  3. Oooooohhhhh that Klondike bar looks sooooo gooood!!

  4. ohhhh Erica it WAS honey!! It WAS!!!