Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Monday

Hey friends!!!   Hopefully your Monday was as calm, and uneventful as mine was.

Not too much to report so we'll just jump right into the food...

As always, I start my day by drinking 24oz of water on the way to work, and follow that with 2 cups of coffee with cream

Breakfast this morning was 1 slice Sara Lee Delightful Whole Grain, topped with 1 tbsp whipped peanut butter

Lunch was 4oz shredded chicken breast, topped with 2tbsp Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle bbq sauce.  This is my lunch of choice for the week.  I put it on the top half of a whole wheat hamburger bun.  Very filling!

Afternoon snack was 1 Fit and Active String Cheese and 2 Simm's Turkey sticks

I also had 2 Starbursts in there somewhere...

Dinner was a small cobb salad (when I find something I like, I tend to go through phases and eat it everyday, can ya tell??)  and a 4 oz piece of Barramundi.  I LOVE Barramundi!!

Barramundi is a flaky white fish, also known as "Asian Seabass"

I can only seem to find Barramundi at Schnuck's.  It comes in a bag like this, and is located in the freezer section with the other fish. I usually only like fresh fish, but this stuff is awesome.  A bag of 3 filets ( pictured) is $8.99.  Not too terrible for 3 meals. 

5oz serving - 140 calories
0 carbs
30 protein

The good thing about Barramundi is that it has a natural buttery flavor, so spray some non-stick spray in a pan, and "pan fry" on the stove, on medium heat.  I cook mine for about 4 minutes on each side.  I think there are directions on the bag as well.

I found this at Wal-Mart last week...  and they're EXCELLENT!  I love sorbet, and these are perfect individual sizes.  I plan to have one this evening for a snack so that I stay out of Grace's Easter candy.

Located in the same aisle as the applesauces and pudding cups, it was $2.99, and comes with 4 little cups.  It also comes in Orange and Peach flavors.

170 Calories
45 carbs
1 protein

Tonight at the gym, I got in 30 minutes of cardio.  I didnt feel like a run, so I only went a mile then moved to the elliptical.   I also worked 30 minutes on my arms/back/shoulders for a total of 666 calories burned

Totals for today -

Calories - 1322 NET 656
Carbs - 115
Protein - 98

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