Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just not feelin it...

There are some days that Im just NOT feelin the gym.  Today was that day.   When I take a day off, I know that going back to the gym the next day is the hardest for me.  After logging what I "think" I ate yesterday, I was around 2500 calories...  that's almost 1000 calories OVER maintenance.  I work way too hard to burn calories, the last thing I want to do is eat over maintenance and put them back into my body.  So, that guilted me into getting to the gym today.

Well... that and the brownie AND cookie I had today at work.   

Today was a busy day for me.   I managed to get 22 oz of water in on the way to work, and 1 cup of coffee down before I had to step out of my office.   I didnt get "breakfast" until 10:30am,and that was a turkey stick and a string cheese.   I was stuck in a meeting for 2 hours, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, and since it was catered, (Jason's Deli) I was able to eat lunch during the meeting.  I opted for a 1/2 turkey breast/cheese on a croissant.   In addition to the croissant I had a few pieces of fresh fruit and a serving of Ruffles.    After the meeting, however, I attacked the "assorted dessert tray"; one fudge nut brownie and one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.   Those two things put me OVER my calories for the day.   I finished another 32oz of water and decided that as much as I didnt want to go to the gym today, I went.   And I did well.  70 minutes, and 786 calories.   I'll take it.

Dinner was this....   I should've known better than to try something from this Gardein line again...
Bottom line:  this shit is NOT good.   And I say "shit" because that is precisely what I think of as I attempted to eat it.  NO thanks.  Im beginning to think "meatless" is not for me.

While deciding what to have instead of this, I had 2 glasses of pinot noir.

I finally opted for a Flat Out Flatbread pizza.     I used 1 Flat Out Light flatbread,  1/4 cup tomato basil suace, and 1.5 oz of Kraft shredded Italian blend cheese.   I ended up only eating half, but it was good, and filling.

Today's totals are...

1817 calories 1031 NET
145 carbs
80 protein

Until tomorrow... 

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