Friday, April 29, 2011

And the award goes to...


Thank you Ms. Stephanie from "The Single Slant" for giving me this award.  We're all aware of my virgin status with blogging, and I wanna be just like YOU when I mature into a real "blogger". 

The rules of this award are...

A. it must be passed onto other bloggers
B. I must convey 7 random ass facts about myself

so here goes....     I'd love to pass this "Blogger Award" back to The Single Slant because it was the very first blog I had ever read and I fell in love with it.  I recommend that you read and follow.   Stephanie is Chicago's "Carrie Bradshaw".  However, since she awarded it to me, I cant award it back to her, but I definitely want to give her credit where credit is due.  Thanks again Steph!

My awards are going to...     

The Band In Me

Colbalt and Cooper

Now for my randomess....  since my blog is dedicated to food, my randoms will be too.

1 - I love burnt popcorn.   Yes.  Its true.   I also like burnt hot dogs.

2 - I'm a texture freak.   I love the taste of onions and tomatoes, but cant actually "chew" them.  It makes me cringe.   I can only eat broccoli if its cooked (not raw) and peppers if they're raw and not cooked.

3 - Food is pleasure to me.  I think about food 24/7. I love pictures of food, I love watching the Food Network. Everything I do revolves around food and while some people think that it may be unhealthy to think about food, I accept it, and I own my crazy food ways, and I embrace it.  I LOVE FOOD.

4 - My favorite ice cream is Boston Vanilla Bean by Edy's.  There's something about the little black flecks of "vanilla bean" that get me.  Its smooth, creamy and pure deliciousness just the way it is.

5 - I could eat fast food everyday and never tire of it.   Taco Bell being one of them, along with Chick Fil A, pizza, hot wings, and a Filet of Fish from McDonalds.

6 - I love cupcakes but hate "birthday" cake

7 - If I could give up my band for just ONE meal...  it would be a BIG FAT JUICY cheeseburger, blackened and topped with crumbled blue cheese, and LOTS of french fries....  I LOVE french fries!

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  1. Did you just call me the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago? I think you just made my day! Wow, that is such a huge compliment sweetie, thank you!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog as well hun. And I love that you're so honest about your eating habits and feelings. It's raw and I think you'll attract a wide audience with that sort of attitude. LOVE IT! xo

    PS for your food porn addiction I present to you... DUDE it's mouthwatering. I feel like Pavlov's dog.