Friday, April 22, 2011

Ever go "meatless"?

Did you get your free Starbucks Coffee this morning? I did!   In honor of Earth Day, Starbuck's was giving away free coffee or tea if you brought in your own re-usable cup.   Thank you Starbucks for allowing me to save a few $$$.

I usually don't talk about dinner first, but I have to because I just attempted to eat something horrid.  It looked good, smelled great!  Tasted... well.... horrible!  It wasn't even o.k.   It was downright disgusting.  I'll usually just eat something that's "ok" because I hate spending money on food and throwing it out.   But I just couldn't do it.

  I was excited to try this!  I saw the Gardein line on Biggest Loser, and found it at my local grocery store (Schnuck's).  It was a closeout, I'm guessing because nobody was buying it.   Original price was
$5.99, I got it for $3.00.  I chose this one, and an "Crispy Orange Chicken".   I haven't tried the chicken yet, but if it's anything like the "beef", VOMIT!

I cooked it according to the package directions, added some edamame and 1 packet of soy sauce.  It looked REALLY good...   One bite... hmmm  not so much.  It was mushy.   Not really a beefy texture.  The taste reminds me of the way canned cat food smells.  Appetizing right?

It went right into the trash can.  I"m now sitting here eating a refried bean "taco".  This is much tastier.

Breakfast this morning was 2 slices of toast.  Sara Lee Delightful Whole Grain, 45 calories per slice, topped with 2 tbsp whipped peanut butter.  I usually only eat one piece of toast but I was hungrier than usual this morning.

Lunch was my "cobb" salad and a Dannon Light and Fit yogurt

My afternoon snack was 1 Turkey Snack Stick and a few jelly beans.

Gym today was 2.5 mile run, followed by arms/back/shoulders (my favorite!)  for a total burn of 762 calories

Total Calories today - 1487 NET 725
Carbs 160
Protein 70

Enjoy your weekend all!


  1. I made morningstar farms crumbles for tacos today.

    I threw out my fauxco meat and ate falafel.


  2. YUK YUK YUK!!!

    I love the Boca stuff.. the chili and the black bean burgers. I wanted to like this.. oh well.