Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Day!

Okay... so not really, but that's what I look forward to during spring/Easter season.  OMG the Reese's Eggs.  There's so much peanut butter, and they're softer and fresher because they are only made for this time of year, so your almost guaranteed to get a fresher tasting Reese's when they make the special ones.  The trees around Christmas, same idea!

Grace's Easter Baskets
Anyway...I wanted to write today about Easter candy...  candy in general really because it brings me to one of the reasons I got to 330 lbs in the first place.   Mindless Eating.

Mindless eating affects us all in some way or another.  My drug of choice is candy, and I never really realized it, and I mean REALLY realized it, until it was pointed out to me last Halloween, when the "Halloween Candy Monstrosity" occurred.

My boss does this thing with his kids, where after Halloween, he and his wife take most, almost all of their candy from them and allow them to get a new toy instead of eating the candy.   CRAZY right???  Well, not really.  Grace get's to keep all of her candy, but who ends up eating it??  Me and my husband.  Okay, mostly  me.   But anyway - the point is that my boss brought a huge Macy's bag full of the kids' Halloween candy into work, and puts it on my desk.   I start picking out what I want, and eating it one piece at a time.   Suddenly I hear "Jaclyn, are you okay?", to which I snap out of the candy induced trance I was in and reply "huh??".   Apparently my co-worker, Lesley sat there and watched me shovel this Halloween candy into my mouth.  I just kept eating. Piece after piece after piece.   After I told her I was fine, I look in my trashcan and there was a very large amount of empty candy wrappers.  I'd say at least 30.  

That's when it occurred to me that I didn't even remember eating all that candy. I was in a daze while eating this candy. I had no idea I was doing it.  I felt embarrassed, and ashamed. Mostly because someone witnessed  me at my worst.  Witnessed me doing the very thing that made me obese in the first place. 

To this day, I cannot keep candy on my desk that I like because this exact thing will happen.  This is the same reason I cannot keep potato chips or ice cream in my house.

 If I'm not consciously aware and making good food choices most of the time, I can fall right back into the mindless eating.   You know me... all about moderation right??  That's why I'm going to have that Reese's Egg you see in the basket above, and then put it all away.  

Onto other things... no gym today.  Happy Easter to all of you!  I didn't log any food either.  I stayed in control though.   I kept all my portions to under 1/2 cup servings.  I did indulge in a few mimosas thanks to my sister in law Stephanie.  THANKS Stephanie! 

Total's for the week:

6 days, 15 miles and 370 minutes at the gym this week for a total of - 4428 calories burned Consumed 11667 total calories, 7239 NET calories - average of 1034 calories per day

Goals for next week -  another 6 days, 18 miles, and 400 minutes

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