Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm fat because ______________

I like to eat. 

I've always liked to eat.  I've said this for years.  I eat because I like the taste of food.  I can't help it, it's just how I am.  I'm a true foodie. 

Now - before I go into this, here is your warning that I may piss you off with what I'm about to say....  

There is NO SUCH THING as a "Fat Gene".  I dont buy it, you cannot make me believe that people have a "gene" that causes them to be fat.

Sure.. there are people how are genetically meant to be smaller or bigger, tall or short, blonde or brown...   My build is genetic.   The fat that surrounds my build... not so much.    You cannot convince me that some people are just "meant to be fat".  No way.  

My build will prevent me from being a petite size 2, but it will still allow me to become a healthy weight.  I'll never be stick thin, but I'm not meant to be obese either.  Nobody is ever meant to be morbidly obese.

People are fat because of their lifestyle and their enviornment. 

If you don't work out, yet continue to drive through your favorite fast food restaurant day in and day out, you're going to gain weight.

If you raise your children with sugary sweets, soda, candy, chips, cookies, fast food etc, on a daily or constant basis, your kids will grow up and have a weight problem if they don't already. 

If you raise your children to sit in front of the tv, playing their Wii, Playstation or Xbox while eating those cookies and chips, your children will have weight problems.

I promise you this.

Now - I'm not saying that kids shouldnt play video games or enjoy treats from time to time, but you have to limit it.  You have to teach them moderation, without policing what they put into their mouths.  It's a fine line between making sure your kids eat the right things, and becoming a food nazi which could in turn create an eating disorder.

Anyway - back to me....

Whiile I believe food addiction is definitely real, I also believe that some people, like myself just enjoy food.  We enjoy the "high" the food gives us, and isn't that what addiction is all about.. that euphoric "high" feeling??

The next question is, "Why am I addicted to food?".  

Well hell I dont know why I like food so much.  I just do.  It really IS as simple as that.

I hate when people try to psycho-analyze it.  I really do.   Not everyone was raped, abused, or beaten as a child.   I dont eat my feelings because I wasnt loved enough as a child, or didnt have a daddy, etc.   Now - I'm not saying that those arent valid reasons for obesity, I'm just saying that not every fat person lived a horrible life and this is their only outlet.

I know this is a bit off the norm for my blogs, but I just get so tired of people blaming their obesity on something other than what it really is.    Be honest with yourself...   ask yourself why you're fat, and whatever reason that is,  do what you need to do to fix that for YOURSELF.

OH!! And just in case you wanna read more about this fake "Fat Gene", here ya go!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Staying In Control

It's hard sometimes isnt it?  Especially when it's a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day for me is the kick off for summer.  Barbecues, cook outs, gatherings, parties, whatever you wanna call them, this weekend is the start of it ALL!   Summer is full of family and friends, fun and of course FOOD!  Lot's of delicious food.  And for those of us counting our calories to actively lose weight, or even if you're just maintaining the weight you've already lost, summer can be dangerous.  You have to stay in control, be aware, and most importantly have a plan.   When I dont plan my meals, it's easier for me to take a wrong turn somewhere then its more likely to throw me off course for the rest of the day.   I understand it's not always easy to plan when you're going to a function where food is involved, but you can plan before going.  

Since my weekend is full of food related events, my plan is to get to the gym in the mornings before heading to the function and getting at least half of my water in before going.   Once I get there, since I'm a habitual grazer especially with chips and dips, I'm going to allow myself ONE plate of food.    Now, I'm planning to put whatever the hell I want on that plate.   I'm not going to police myself and say "no chips"  "no sweets" etc.   It is a party afterall.      But - As long as I stick to one plate, and dont overdo it, I'll be less likely to give into temptation if I were to try to avoid the "naughtiness" altogether.  

So, before you head to your backyard bbq this weekend, have a plan that works for you, and stick to it!

Onto other things...

I had a decent day yesterday.   Ate well, stayed within maintenance calories, and went to see my Bariatric Surgeon, who "banded" me.    I haven't been to see him since October 2009.  He was pleased with my progress, and that always feels good!   I got my band adjusted.  He added .2 cc into my band.

Last night was my daughter's Pre-Kindergarten Graduation, which is the reason there wasn't an entry for last night.     I skipped the gym as well, but my totals were....

1631 Calories
176 Carbs
74 grams of protein

We went out to dinner after the ceremony and I had 2 glasses of chardonnay, along with some grilled shrimp and broccoli.   I also ate a cupcake, and the icing off of another.   

Onto Today..

Breakfast was a turkey stick and string cheese
Lunch was a Grilled Chicken wrap from Chick Fil A
No afternoon snack today

I'm skipping the gym again this evening to enjoy a date night with my hubbs.

We're headed to dinner at a local casino (Lumiere).  We have free passes to their buffet.   Now - I usually avoid buffets altogether, since after being banded buffets just arent worth it because even paying the child's price, it's not even worth the money.  But since it's free, why the hell not!!??     I'm planning to have a few glasses of wine this evening as well.  After dinner, we're seeing a movie.

I probably won't have any entries the rest of the weekend, because I have a lot of different things planned.   Have a great weekend and a Happy Memorial Day!   

Stay in control.
Be aware of what you're putting into your mouth
and go sweat a little! Drag your butt to the gym, or outside for a walk or run.  You'll feel better after.  Promise!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cookie Catastrophe

It gets me EVERY time!!

I did REALLY well yesterday, until my husband came home with cookies.  Not just any cookies... Chewy Chips Ahoy!

My goodness how I heart cookies!! Especially if they're soft!!   I originally anticipated eating pretzel sticks during our "movie night" on the couch, until these showed up.   1 serving pretzels is 110 calories... 1 serving of these cookies (2 cookies) is 120 calories..  No big deal, GREAT!!   Right??    Yeah, of course if you stick to 2.  Or even 4 for that matter.  But, as most of you know me, I mean, REALLY know me...   know that I cant stick to one serving of cookies.  THIS my friends is why I never buy them.  That damn husband on the other hand buys sweets all the damn time.

Im sure you're wondering how many I ate, right?? 

10.   I ate 5 servings of cookies.   Yes friends...600 calories of cookies.  Granted - its less than my favorite Blizzard from Dairy Queen.   It's less than my favorite meal of pizza and hot wings.  It's less than a 6 pack of Bud Light Lime.     SO, when you compare to all those other things that I enjoy, 600 calories of cookies isnt terrible.   

So my NEW totals for yesterday are...

1723 Calories 1073 NET
184 carbs
79 grams of protein.

Not a terrible day, but I liked it better BEFORE the cookie catastrophe!

Oh well...

Today went well..

Breakfast was oatmeal
Lunch was turkey chili and the last of my salad mix
Snack was 28 almonds, and 2 Fig Newton Fruit Thin Crisps  (The chocolate raspberry flavor is EXCELLENT by the way)
I got home and had 2 more cookies while waiting out the storm in the basement.... no worries, only 2 this time.

Once we got the all clear, I left the basement and hit the gym.      Gold's cancelled their classes for tonight due to the severe weather so the gym was EMPTY! And I took advantage of it!    I worked out a little over an hour...  25 minutes on the elliptical, 35 minutes of arms/back/shoulders and 10 minutes on the stair climber for a total of 718 calories burned.

For dinner I had Trader Joes Saucy Scallops. 

This is by far my favorite item from Trader Joes.  

One bag is 3 servings... 1 serving is 150 calories, 8 carbs and 13 grams of protein.   I split the bag into 2 meals.  Looks like I have lunch tomorrow.

Totals for today....
1605 calories 887 NET
160 carbs
62 grams of protien