Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eating Your Feelings

Well... yesterday was a BAD day...  Just one of "those" days and it just felt like nothing was going right.  I ate well at work, stuck to the plan, then as the day progressed it got worse... 

I picked up a very cranky 5 year old from pre-school, and since I had already decided that the gym was not on the agenda for the evening, I took her to the park so she could take her aggression out on the swings, and I can sit in peace in the sunshine, alone.    Of course that did the trick and she was fine.  We made it home where I proceeded to indulge in cereal, fruit snacks, crackers and random parts of a hollow chocolate bunny left over from Easter.   

That wasnt nearly enough food though... no no!!   I got in my car and drove to Taco Bell.  I ordered a Nachos Bell Grande, Beef Baja Chalupa and Chili Cheese Burrito.  Im not really sure what I was thinking, but there was no way I could finish it.  I ended the day with a hot bath and at 3105 calories, 333 carbs, and 116 grams of protein. FAIL!!!  

Yes... I was eating my feelings.  

The worst part, I felt like shit this morning.  I didnt feel guilty for eating over 3000 calories, even though I should have, but I physically felt like shit.   I cannot eat like that anymore. 

So today was a new day, I made a plan, and more importantly STUCK to my plan.

Breakfast - turkey sticks and string cheese
Snack - 14 Habanero BBQ almonds
Lunch - turkey taco mix, and 4 oz sliced strawberries
Snack - turkey sticks and string cheese, and 5 more almonds
Dinner - "Cobb" salad (romaine, shredded cheddar, carrots, bacon and ranch dressing)

I was "snacky" in between lunch and my afternoon snack... and again between my snack and dinner...   that's where these come in  handy...

These are the packs of gum that are currently in my purse.  I ALWAYS have gum... and usually its at least 2 packs.   I know some Lap-Band patients cant or dont chew gum, but I lose weight because of it. It prevents me from sticking more food into my mouth.

I decided that I should get to the gym before I let the entire week slip away from me.. I've been known to do that a time or two...

Managed 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of upper body... arms/back/shoulders

burned 706 calories

Totals for today...

1273 calories NET 567
56 carbs
84 grams of protein

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