Friday, May 27, 2011

Staying In Control

It's hard sometimes isnt it?  Especially when it's a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day for me is the kick off for summer.  Barbecues, cook outs, gatherings, parties, whatever you wanna call them, this weekend is the start of it ALL!   Summer is full of family and friends, fun and of course FOOD!  Lot's of delicious food.  And for those of us counting our calories to actively lose weight, or even if you're just maintaining the weight you've already lost, summer can be dangerous.  You have to stay in control, be aware, and most importantly have a plan.   When I dont plan my meals, it's easier for me to take a wrong turn somewhere then its more likely to throw me off course for the rest of the day.   I understand it's not always easy to plan when you're going to a function where food is involved, but you can plan before going.  

Since my weekend is full of food related events, my plan is to get to the gym in the mornings before heading to the function and getting at least half of my water in before going.   Once I get there, since I'm a habitual grazer especially with chips and dips, I'm going to allow myself ONE plate of food.    Now, I'm planning to put whatever the hell I want on that plate.   I'm not going to police myself and say "no chips"  "no sweets" etc.   It is a party afterall.      But - As long as I stick to one plate, and dont overdo it, I'll be less likely to give into temptation if I were to try to avoid the "naughtiness" altogether.  

So, before you head to your backyard bbq this weekend, have a plan that works for you, and stick to it!

Onto other things...

I had a decent day yesterday.   Ate well, stayed within maintenance calories, and went to see my Bariatric Surgeon, who "banded" me.    I haven't been to see him since October 2009.  He was pleased with my progress, and that always feels good!   I got my band adjusted.  He added .2 cc into my band.

Last night was my daughter's Pre-Kindergarten Graduation, which is the reason there wasn't an entry for last night.     I skipped the gym as well, but my totals were....

1631 Calories
176 Carbs
74 grams of protein

We went out to dinner after the ceremony and I had 2 glasses of chardonnay, along with some grilled shrimp and broccoli.   I also ate a cupcake, and the icing off of another.   

Onto Today..

Breakfast was a turkey stick and string cheese
Lunch was a Grilled Chicken wrap from Chick Fil A
No afternoon snack today

I'm skipping the gym again this evening to enjoy a date night with my hubbs.

We're headed to dinner at a local casino (Lumiere).  We have free passes to their buffet.   Now - I usually avoid buffets altogether, since after being banded buffets just arent worth it because even paying the child's price, it's not even worth the money.  But since it's free, why the hell not!!??     I'm planning to have a few glasses of wine this evening as well.  After dinner, we're seeing a movie.

I probably won't have any entries the rest of the weekend, because I have a lot of different things planned.   Have a great weekend and a Happy Memorial Day!   

Stay in control.
Be aware of what you're putting into your mouth
and go sweat a little! Drag your butt to the gym, or outside for a walk or run.  You'll feel better after.  Promise!


  1. I will miss your entries. Text me if you need support. I too am going to try to stick to my plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail! Gag don't you just hate all my hokie sayings.

    I too am going to dinner and a movie! Good luck to us :)

  2. I love your hokey-ness my friend!! Its the truth

    Enjoy your evening and weekend as well!!