Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Motivation? Self Control? Will Power?

Anyone seen mine???  I'm missing all three, and I think I've misplaced them someplace...   I think I left them at the gym because I haven't been there in awhile either.

UGH! Frustration is setting in now. 

I've been bad friends...  I've been eating non stop since May 1st.   I weighed myself on April 31st, lost 6 lbs for the month of April, and it went south from there.   I indulged a little too much and didn't stop.   I've had 2000+ calorie days more often than not over the past 11 days and it has to stop.

I leave for Cocoa Beach Florida on this Friday for 7 days, and my plan is to work out everyday in the gym that's located on the property where my parents' condo is, and keep my eating in check all week.  This should'nt be too difficult seeing as though we're not renting a car, and we're grocery shopping.  No eating out.  No snacking, etc.   I will however, be drinking my calories.  You can count on there.  This is vacay after all. 

I've logged my food for today...

Breakfast was 1 turkey stick and a string cheese
Lunch was a salad
Afternoon snack was 1 serving of almonds, another turkey stick and a string cheese
Dinner will be a Jennie O Turkey Burger topped with spicy mustard and a slice of cheddar, sans bun

Totals -
1005 Calories
18 carbs
78 protein

I don't ever advocate eating less than 1200 calories a day.  PERIOD.  However, with 11 days of 2000+ calories a day, and my maintenance is 1700 calories, that is 300 calories OVER everyday for a total of 3300 extra calories for 11 days...which equals a 1lb gain.  I can afford to have a lower calorie day from time to time.   

I'm going to try to get rid of that 1 lb gain, and lose a few more by my June 1st weigh in.   

Switching gears for just a sec....  I do have to tell you about this new product before I forget...
a co-worker brought these to lunch the other day and they were excellent!


3 crispy Newton Fruit Thins are 160 calories.  We had the Blueberry, but they also come in Cranberry Citrus Oat, and the flavor I CANNOT wait to try...   Chocolate Raspberry!! Mmmmm.   If you're looking for a chewy cookie, not for you.  I expected them to be kinda chewy like a fig newton.  Nope. They're thin, and kinda crunchy, but tasty.

Thanks Bridget for sharing!!

No gym tonight, because I'll be doing laundry and packing for my trip.  

No Sunday Q&A this weekend, and this will probably be my last blog entry until I return on the 20th.  Dont worry, I'll have a full report of my daily calories when I get back.  

Have a great week friends!

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  1. I will miss your entries but I am glad you will have a chance to get away and have fun. Talk to you soon.