Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tuesday, and I have no witty or clever title...

Today was day 2 of getting back on track after vacation... and I handled it nicely if I do say so myself.

As always, I started my day with coffee and water.  I managed to get 110 oz of water in today, vs the measly 60 I got in yesterday.. ouch.

Breakfast was the Almond Cranberry oatmeal

I had a snack in between breakfast and lunch.. 14 Chili Lime Almonds.   Why 14 you ask?? because 1 serving is approximately 28, and I didnt want 28.

Lunch was 1 cup of turkey chili along with a salad

Afternoon snack was 1 turkey stick and 1 string cheese.

Dinner tonight was a 4oz chicken breast, mixed in with 1 serving of stir fry veggies.

I found this at Aldi.  Shocker I know.  The whole bag is $2.99 and it comes with a teriyaki sauce packet.   One serving is 4 oz, there are 8 servings in the bag.  I made 1/2 the bag for both me and my husband.

1-4oz serving is 90 calories, 18 carbs and 4 grams or protein (sauce packet included) 
This is my husband's plate.  He had the larger serving obviously, so I took a pic of his instead of mine.  I baked and sliced a 4oz chicken breast for his as well and mixed it in with the veggies while it finished cooking.
I usually don't have an evening snack, but tonight I'm planning one because I plan on sitting on the couch for a few hours watching tv.    
Evening snack tonight is 1 serving of pretzel sticks.

Gym today was 40 minutes of cardio, and 20 minutes of abs and legs.  The cardio was broken up into 2 miles (25 minutes) on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the stairclimber for a total burn of 650 calories.

Totals for today....

1233 Calories NET 583
117 carbs
77 grams of protein

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