Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beginning

First let me say WELCOME and thanks for taking the time to read this.
A co-worker of mine is always calling me a "Foodie".  She's always asking me if she "can eat this" or "not eat this".  She asks what she should order when we go out for lunch, or how many calories are in this..etc.  You get my point.   But she approached me yesterday and told me that I should really consider a blog to share my progress and my story.  I laughed at her and went about my day.   It was only after 2 more friends of mine said the very same thing that I actually gave it some thought.... and well, look where we are. 

I've decided to share my progress one blog at a time.  I'm going to share my story with you all.  The REAL story.  My ups, my downs, my setbacks and my succcesses. 

This blog will mostly be about the food that I eat and my adventures with changing my body.  The food won’t always “healthy” or considered “diet”, hence the name “Eating for Real”.   So if you’re looking for ideal balanced nutrition, this is NOT the blog for you. The food won’t always be prepared by me either. I’m a mom, I like convenience and I’m like any other wife and mother with a full time job. I sit at a desk all day.  I snack, I eat fast food on occasion, and I LOVE chips, ice cream and candy; Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Patch Kids to be specific.   

What can you expect from this blog?  

I plan to update this blog in length, weekly.   Other items such as the pictures I take of the actual food I eat and post them with the stats, calories/protein/carbs, will be done daily.  At least one photo a day.   Ill explain how I prepared it (if needed).  And sometimes where I purchased the item, etc. 

I'm going to post the good foods, and the bad foods too, because after all, that is REAL life eating.

I'll explain my workout routines, and what I do or did that day to burn those calories and sweat!

I'll also describe my meal planning for the week.  I typically prepare my lunches for the week on Sundays.  I say "typically" because life sometimes gets in the way.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, lets get to know each other a bit...
I’m great at talking about myself, not so great at writing about myself, so let’s give it a go.

In November 2008, my husband and I took our daughter to Disney World.  We had an excellent time, as you would expect us to, and when we returned home I began looking at pictures to gather for a scrapbook.  It was then that I realized I was fat. I mean, let’s face it; I “knew” I was fat but didn’t actually “see” it for years.  I had always been overweight, but after I had my daughter in 2006, it just got worse from there. I just kept gaining.

I was 330 lbs and wearing a size 26 pants, 24 tops.  Only shopped at Lane Bryant because the clothes were trendy and cute and I never thought anything else about it.  If I “looked” good, I felt good.  I got compliments on the way I looked and always put myself together.   
I was happy damn it!! Right??  Wait!!  Wasn’t I?

Boy was I wrong, and that’s when I knew I had to do something.

Like any other overweight woman out there, I tried dieting.  I’ve tried EVERY diet out there, just like I’m sure you have.   I’d lose 20 or 30 lbs, and gain it back.  I could never keep it off.   After many failed attempts and enough frustration, I decided to Google information regarding Weight Loss Surgery Options.   There was more information than I knew what to do with.  I researched different types, different pre-op and post-op diets, and even watched success stories and failures on YouTube.  After reviewing my options and speaking to a friend of mine that had previously had Lap Band surgery I realized that this was the surgery option that best suited me and my lifestyle.

The next step was to research surgeons.  I found a few in my area and made appointments to attend the free seminars.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I ended up getting my surgery approved through United Health Care, and I was “banded” on February 26, 2009. 

That is where it all began…

In March 2009 I joined a gym.   I started slow by walking 30 minutes a day.  I worked my way up to an hour of cardio, 3-4 days a week.    In April of 2009 I hired a personal trainer, Jon.   Jon worked me out 2 days a week and I went on my own 2 days a week.   He was introducing me to new things at the gym and new ways to maximize my workouts and how to use my body.  I bought 12 sessions with Jon and it was the best $700 I ever spent.   I realized that I liked feeling strong. I liked sweating.  I liked to see that number on the scale drop each week, and hell I still do.  Who doesn’t right?   After Jon showed me what I could achieve, I began challenging myself and I did it on my own from there. 

By June 2009 I had the gym routine down and the weight was really coming off.   People were asking what I was eating, and how I was still losing weight, but still able to eat Doritos and Reese’s. I was losing weight by eating foods I still loved.   I just wasn’t eating as much of it.  Instead of eating an entire bag of Doritos like I had in the past, I was having one serving.  Instead of getting a Super Jumbo Combo meal complete with a gigantic chocolate shake, I began ordering the Kid’s Meal and giving the extra toy to my daughter. 

My favorite saying of all time regarding weight loss is “Moderation NOT Deprivation”.   I believe you can eat whatever the hell you choose, as long as you’re in control of what you’re eating.  Be mindful of the portions you’re putting into your body.  Now, I’m going to be honest.   I have had set backs where I’ve bought a bag of chips and the next thing I know, half the bag is gone.   I’m the same way with cereal. I can still eat an entire box throughout the day and not think twice about it. Candy is the worst for me especially with unconscious eating. I’ll save the Halloween Candy Monstrosity for another date. But my point is that there are some foods that go right through my band and do not stop.  We “Bandsters” call these foods “sliders” because they do just that; slide right through the band.   We also call this “eating around our band”.   FYI – just because you have bariatric or weight loss surgery DOES NOT mean that it stops you from eating the bad food completely.  I still need the willpower to say “no”.   As my very dear friend Lis says…  I need to learn how to say “no” more.   I’m learning Lis, I’m learning!! J    It’s so much easier said than done.  Along with keeping my calories in check, comes the gym.  I hit the gym religiously.  I’m there 5-6 days a week.  Without counting my calories and hittin’ the gym I never would’ve lost the weight I have lost. The biggest misconception of Bariatric Surgeries like mine is that it’s considered “the easy way out” by those individuals who are ignorant to the facts and information that surround weight loss surgery. I used to be one of those ignorant people.  But we’ll save that for another blog, another day.

So, with all of the being said, I hope you stick around.  I love sharing my ideas and giving any advice that's needed.   I’m open to topic ideas, and answering questions that anyone may have.   Now that I’ve created this blog, I realize my journey is an open book.  

Welcome to Real Life Real Eating.

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  1. Im SO proud of how well you're doing! You inspire & motivate me to love myself enough to give a damn and get healthy. Love this, but love you more my SFAM! ;)

  2. I love you too Kerry. Thank you for always being such a great supporter of this.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! You are doing a great job and I am sure your story will inspire more than just me. :)

  4. Go Jaclyn! :) You are doing great!

    ps..the follow button is on the top right, not top left like your *note says. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I'll be following ya!

  6. Thanks for sharing Jaclyn and learned alot of new things about you while reading this. You know I am super proud of you and hopefully I can contribute my ideas and routines with you. I love to workout and have been active my whole life. I love to change my workout routines because I am pretty physically fit and love new challenges. I am super excited to see the routines you do and how to incorporate them into my routine. Keep up the good work.

  7. Go Jaclyn!! Good for you!! I love blogging... and it's such a great idea because you now have "followers" who will help hold you accountable to your goals! Keep up the great work, girl!!!