Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As you all know, I believe in Moderation not Deprivation.  I've said that countless times.  I believe you can eat whatever you want, in moderation...  Well, today I was told to look up the definition of "moderation".

According to FreeDictionary.com, moderation means...

"Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme"
"Of medium or average quantity or extent"
(you can see the full definition HERE)

Everyone has their own definition of moderation, or so I would imagine...

For me... "moderation" today means something far different than it did 3 years ago.

3 years ago, instead of eating the entire large pizza, "moderation" meant that I'd eat half the pizza.   Today's moderation means 2 slices.

3 years ago, instead of ordering a Big Mac meal, Super Sized with a 6 piece chicken nuggets and a large chocolate shake, "moderation" meant, I'd skip the nuggets or the shake.  Today's moderation means a Happy Meal.

You see my point here...

So - when I tell you that I eat snacks, treats, candy and cookies, etc... I'm not eating an entire package of cookies... I'm not eating an entire bag of candy, or potato chips.   Granted, not that I haven't done these things.  I'm not saying that.  What I AM saying is that FOR ME there is nothing wrong with having a few Hershey's miniatures everyday.  There's nothing wrong with grabbing a few Doritos everyday.  Let me be clear...I dont do this everyday.. don't get me wrong.  I easily could but there are many days where I dont snack on crap.   On the flipside,  there are some days that ALL I eat is crap. 

Is this considered healthy??  No of course not.   But most of what I eat isnt really considered healthy anyway.  I dont eat enough fruit, I dont drink enough milk, I definitely dont eat enough veggies, I drink alcohol weekly, and socially smoke cigarettes on a weekly basis as well.

The point is... what works for ME, might not work for YOU.  This Blog is about what works for me on my journey.   If something I say helps you... GREAT!  If it doesnt, thats fine too. 

So... when I eat 400 calories of crap, and I'm at 2000 calories for the day.  YES I go to the gym and burn 1000 calories.  I burn off what I eat.   If I didnt eat those 400 calories of crap, I'd only have to burn 600 calories at the gym instead of 1000.  But for me, sometimes the crap is worth the extra 30 minutes in the gym.  It's about give and take. Pick and choose your battles.  Some days, a cupcake isnt worth the extra 30 minutes, while other days it IS.

Be honest with yourself and find what works for you! 

So that poses my question for today...  what does moderation mean to YOU?

Today's Info

Breakfast - watermelon and canteloupe
Lunch - tostada and salad (big lunch, no afternoon snack)
Dinner - Jennie O turkey Burger (on whole wheat bun with a slice of cheddar)

GYM - 45 minutes of cardio (25 on the stairclimber, completed 82 floors, and 20 on the treadmill, completed 1.75 miles)

1239 Calories NET 735
90 Carbs
78 grams of Protein


  1. Where have you been I miss you and your blogging. Hope all is well.

  2. I've been here!!! I blog a few times a week! Where have YOU been?? :)