Sunday, September 4, 2011

WooHoo Product Reviews!!

I LOVE finding and trying new things.  Who doesn't right?   And when I find things worth sharing, you know I do!  I also find things that aren't as good, and even those are worth sharing too.  So... here ya go!

One of the items I miss the most being banded is bread.  I miss a good grilled cheese sandwich, I miss a big juicy burger, but most of all, I miss a PB&J.  So, I mentioned the  Sandwich Thin Minis last week and just wanted to show you what I did with them... 

I toasted my minis and made myself a PB&J. It was SO good!!   It totally hit the spot and cured that craving for me!

Moving on...

 Yoplait Bites.  I found these in the novelty ice cream section.  They're frozen Yoplait yogurt rolled into little balls, and covered with granola.  Amazing right!!???   Well, they're just ok.   I expected a creamy consistency than what they actually are.  The best way to describe them is "icy".   They're not very smooth, and they're too hard to bite into.  But, they're too big to just pop in your mouth either.  1 little "ball" is 30 calories.   The bag was $3.50 and I wouldn't buy them again. 


 I LOVE Panera's soup.  Broccoli cheddar, loaded baked potato, vegetarian black bean, and my #1 favorite, the creamy tomato!!! MMMM How I love the creamy tomato.    The Lemon Chicken Orzo soup, pictured here is somewhat new and for a bowl it's only 160 calories, vs a bowl of my creamy tomato for almost 400 calories.  SCORE!! Right!!??  WRONG!   This is how Panera describes this soup  "A Mediterranean inspired soup with chicken, orzo, spinach, carrots, oregano and basil simmered in a lemon infused chicken broth and topped with a lemon wheel".     Chicken... yep!  Orzo.... yep!   Spinach... too damn much of it.. yep!  Carrots, oregano and basil????   Hmmm  I didn't see ONE carrot, and couldn't taste any basil or oregano..  it must sink to the bottom.  It was quite bland in my opinion, and I only ate half.    Lesson learned...  I'm sticking to my damn tomato soup.

So that night, I decided to say screw you Panera and went and got my own soup to keep at work.  I found this little gem.


Harvest Orange Tomato.  Interesting.  It was "NEW" and I figured for $1.25, and 220 calories, I'm trying it. SUCCESS!! It was fantastic!!  It had a slightly sweeter taste than regular tomato soup, and it was in fact bright orange, but it was delish!

I also made a TJ run this week. I picked up a few new things based on my friend Carolyn's recommendations.

Carolyn told me I needed to try the TJ Indian dishes.  I've never had Indian food, so I decided to try something that sounded like I might eat it.  The Chicken Tikka Marsala.  Looked pretty good to me.   Carolyn also told me to try the TJ Pulled Chicken in the smoky bbq sauce.  I opted for the pork instead.  I love me some pulled pork.  

 I also picked up another chicken marsala dish.   One of my all time favs!!!

And of course there's no way I can walk into a TJ and walk out without my favorite staples.   The Chicken Gorgonzola and the Seafood Stew. YUM!   

The hard part is going to be deciding what to have first... 

If there's something new that you find, share it with me!

Thanks for reading!


  1. ooo! Now I'm on the lookout for Orange Tomato soup. Yum-o! Thanks for the reviews.

  2. I have a few TJ staples,'s dangerous for me to walk in there! Thank goodness for the band or else I'd eat everything in one day! LOL

  3. TJ's is gonna be a big part of what I miss when I leave Cali....thanks for the reviews.

  4. Jac, I have a whole excel file dedicated to TJ's products I love vs hate. Let me know if you want me to send it all.