Sunday, September 18, 2011

I HATE Excuses!

But, I've been finding myself "excusing" my food choices lately.  I'm usually pretty with-it when it comes to my eating and exercising.  You all have been around with me long enough to know that I'm spot on about 80% of the time.  I make the right choices, I hit the gym hard, and I lose weight.  How easy, right!!??

Lately things have been much tougher for me.  And by "lately", I mean during the last month or so.  I've fluctuated with the same 5 lbs in both directions, between 215-220 and my god I'M OVER IT.  I'm SO over it!  Yet I continue to do it.  I know there's a word for that... stupidity maybe???

What's going on with me you ask....


Stress.  Ugh.   Stress is another "excuse" right?   Well, in my book it's for real.    Work has been stressful, some things at home have been stressful, and this week I've decided that it has to come to an end. 

I'm vowing to myself that I cannot let the stress get in the way...As simple as this may sound it's not easy, so I'm gonna need some help.   I'm gonna need random texts/calls/emails/Facebook messages, etc to remind me where my head is.  And let's hope it's not shoved far up my ass where it's been recently.

Tomorrow is weigh in Monday.   I'm dreading it.  I promise you, it's gonna be ugly.  But the truth hurts and the scale doesnt lie, so maybe I NEED to see that number.

So - with that I'm leaving you...   And when I want that 2:00 pm cookie or bag of Doritos (mmmm Doritos) I'm gonna grab an apple, turkey stick, or my 32oz bottle of Smart Water instead.  That's the promise I'm making to myself.   I'm too damn close to199 lbs to see the scale continue creepin back up.

No matter how ugly that number is tomorrow, I promise to share it with you.  Not only because I've always been honest with you all, but mostly for my own accountability. 

As always, thanks for reading ladies!!

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