Monday, September 19, 2011

Told ya it was gonna be ugly... Monday Weigh In Day

Yep.. and I was right.


Up 8 pounds from last week, of 220 lbs... and up 17 lbs from my lowest of 211.   Oh my.  I have some work to do, eh??

Good news is, I just got home from the gym.  I spent 80 minutes kickin my own ass, Jaclyn style, the only way I know how to do it and I feel great.  SO - back on track...??  My god, I sure hope so.  I cant keep yo-yo-ing like this.

Onto other things...

I found these at WalMart over the weekend and I'm excited to try em.

Each "box" was $2.18 and it comes with a sauce to cook the chicken in, and a salad dressing.  I got my favorite, ceasar, and another one... southwest chicken.  I made the southwest chicken for lunch tomorrow.  I'm putting it over romaine lettuce and some shredded cheese.   There are 8 servings in each bottle, so it'll last for awhile unless you make it as a meal for the fam, which of course I wont.  My family is more a meat and potato kinda bunch.

I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow.

Have a good night guys... Happy Monday!

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  1. Please let me know. I saw this in Walmart as well, had it in my hands and then said "eh, i'll pass". As for the 8lbs....get to the butt busting. Just remember that you are human and mishaps happen.