Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 1, Weigh In Day

Yes Yes, it's actually November 2, but I was too busy napping and eating pizza last night to write my blog.

True Story.

Before we go into my weigh-in, I want to thank my very amazing sister in law, Stephanie for reminding me, that the scale is a tool... just like my band...  the number does not define who I am, only helps me along the way of my journey.   She emailed this to me a few weeks ago after I had a rough food day, and it made me smile.   Thanks Stephanie, I love you!  :)

So, the results are in.. (I apologize for not taking a picture, I forgot) 

October 1 weigh in - 220 lbs

November 1 weigh in - 225 lbs

This is proof that monthly weigh ins just DO NOT work for me. 

Excuses???   Let's see, I blame the Cardinals for going to the NLCS play offs...   winning those games, then going onto the World Series, and winning that!  YAY CARDINALS!!!!  However - my nights during Red October have been full of Bud Select, hot wings, cheese fries, pizza, etc while watching these games with friends, and celebrating these victories.

It's now November, and baseball is over, (until April 13th) and I NEED to get back to my regular routine.   I will...  beginning today.   

Have a good day friends, as always, thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Jac, how often were you weighing in before switching to a monthly weigh in? While I know many people weigh in several times a week, in my humble opinion, I think that's too much, yet on the other hand, once a month wouldn't work for me either. I weigh in once a wk, same day & same time. I def need those wkly weigh in's to hold me accountable & unlike a monthly weigh in, they're easier to
    bounce bk from (weight gain wise) bc the gain typically isn't as significant.