Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Do you know why diet is as important as working out....

This would be why...

I'm up 2 lbs this week from last week. 

I worked out 4 days last week, for a total of 6.5 hours and I completed 23 miles on the treadmill and the bike combined, and I still gained 2 lbs.      Why you ask..   Well, because I'm about to share my HORRIBLE eating pattern with you from last week.

Monday was Halloween, and we had a birthday celebration for 2 of my co-workers, where I proceeded to have a huge slice of red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, I ate 2454 calories (no gym)

Tuesday - I ate 2185 calories which included countless fun size candy bars and another slice of cheesecake, AND pizzsa for dinner (no gym)

Wednesday - I ate 2577 calories, more fun size candy  bars (spent 90 minutes at the gym, and burned 903) NET intake was 1674

Thursday - I ate 2261 calories, you guessed it... more candy bars (Spent an hour at the gym, burned 770) NET intake was 1491

Friday - Heres the REALLY  bad one...   I ate 3566 calories.   This included candy... donuts...  dinner was homemade meatloaf, cheesey potatoes, and baked mac and cheese, all washed down with a full bottle of pinot grigio.  You guessed it, No gym.

Saturday - I was feeling bloated and disgusting from Friday's disaster, so I hit the gym, and I hit it hard.  I ate 2129 calories, and spent 2 hours in the gym for a total burn of 1338, NET intake of 791.

Sunday - I was feeling better, sore from the gym, but overall pretty motivated to get back there.  So after I made breakfast for the fam, I went and did another 80 minutes for 844 burned.  I made the hubbs take me to dinner though.  We went to Pei Wei and I opted for the Thai Dynamite Shrimp.  It's fabulous.. but its also 870 calories, and god only knows how much sodium.   A few hours later, while watching tv I ate a 100 calorie bag of popcorn and a Reese's Tree.  (Yes, the trees are already out)  Anyway - totals for yesterday are 2328, NET 1484.

So - all in all, I ate 16,500 calories, which comes out to 2357 calories per day, before exercise.   I burned 3855 calories, over a pound...  yet still gained...  My average NET intake for last week, 1806 calories per day.  THIS my friends is why the food choices we make, are more important than the calories we burn at the gym.

You think NOW I'll be able to make better food choices, and say NO to the junk??? 

Dear God let's friggin hope so...


  1. Hi Jaclyn,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for the Yoplait Bites to see where I can buy them at, as I had only seen them at Wal-Mart. I love these little bite size yogurt balls! I think they are great and really curb my craving for ice cream.

    Anyways, I started reading your blog and read about your discouragement from this weekend. I just wanted to say that the scale is your enemy and that the way your clothes fit is your best friend. The only time I get on the scale is when I feel that I have lost weight, which is not very often because I lose inches more than weight these days. So don't let the scale discourage you. Only get on the scale when you feel like you have lost weight. Go by how your clothes make you feel.

    Good Luck!

    Julie - Fl.

  2. Welcome to my blog Julie! Thanks for the comments! Feel free to follow if ya like! Take Care! :)

  3. I love your honesty, reminds me we are all human and that we all can get past our little mistakes. You are such an inspiration to me. Please never change. Your gym time is awesome and I aspire to hit the gym like you do or at least half of what you do.

    Chin up my friend I know you are awesome....

  4. Thank you Ms Bella ;) that means more than you know.