Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Weigh In Day and Falling Off

Ohhh what a week. 

I usually begin my Monday posts with the previous weeks stats regarding calories in vs calories out and what I accomplished at the gym, however this past week I traded my Puma's for my drinking shoes.  I did something 4 of the 7 days this past week that involved food and/or booze which included 2 Cardinal's games, dinner with a girl friend and a concert.   I went to the gym ONE day last week, and that day was Saturday. I ran 2 miles which was the hardest 2 miles I've ran in a long time.  I couldnt even finish my 3rd.  Then followed that with 35 minutes of arms/back/shoulders.  I burned 650 calories in an hour and it was a tough work out.  I dont like that feeling.  I love feeling strong and refreshed after a work out, but seeing as though I took almost 2 weeks off from the gym, I felt light headed and gross afterwards. 

Last week I weighed 215 which was up 4 lbs from the previous week due to my Girls Weekend at the Lake.   This week I'm down to 2 lbs to 213.   Good news is that all 4 lbs was not "real weight", bad news is that 2 of those 4 lbs is actual weight.   ::sigh::

So... that brings me to the realization that I need to re-analyze some things.   This has happened in the past.. fluctuations and what not, so I already know what I need to do to get it together.

I've mentioned in a previous blog about my friend Kerry's "40 by 40" challenge.   Her 40th birthday is in November and the goal is to lose 40 by that.   Well - since the challenge began I think I've lost 5 lbs.   I keep going up and down.  I think my issue is that the goal (November) is so far away that I keep telling myself I have more time.   I can't do that anymore.  I can't look at the big picture.  I know that I have to make smaller goals for myself.  In addition to the "40 by 40" challenge, I'm challenging myself to lose 14 lbs, to bring me to 199 by September 1.    I had to re-evaluate some things, and while I believe in Moderation NOT Deprivation, sometimes my "moderation" gets the best of me, and one "snack" turns to two, then two to three, then before you know it I'm not making dinner and instead ordering pizza.

You get the point..

That brings me to this weeks goals for myself...
  • 5 days at the gym, OR 300 minutes
  • NO MORE than 1400 calories each day
  • 80+ grams of protein each day
  • Less than 120 grams of carbs each day

As always, thanks for reading and have a good week friends!!


  1. Sounds like a great plan to get the weight to start coming off again. You can do it! :)

  2. You look great, keep up the good work!

  3. I agree in moderation not deprivation but I also don't believe that the opposite of moderation is deprivation. Sometimes we all need a treat. But for me that's once in a while, maybe once a week, maybe less.. maybe more, depending on what that is. And that doesn't mean I am depriving myself it just means I am saying no. I am making a more healthful choice and I am puttiong other needs/wants first. Not everybody is the same and I know for me that I don't "deserve" treats etc. Sometimes what I need to do is get used to the fact I am unique and I can't do what other people do, or even what used to work for me. Because sometimes (usually) it doesn't apply!

  4. Thank you ladies!!!

    Carolyn, I agree! I need to be more like you. I can usually bounce back with no issues, and thats why im pulling myself out of this now. Im so close to 199 that I cant continue to ride this train. Im getting off now :)

  5. These are great goals! I agree that you should focus on the here and now. Not only can you procrastinate when you look at the big picture but eventually if you procrastinate too much and the big deadline becomes unrealistic you may just give up all together and that's no good. Here's to small, attainable goals!

    I will make some:
    This week I will... only eat ice cream once. Make it to the gym 3 times (this is tough because I am out of town Weds-Sunday...). Eat fruit every day.

  6. Ohhhh good ones Katie! I know how much you love your ice cream! :)