Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mid Week Check In

Happy Thursday to ya'll!!!

It's mid week for me, I'm doing quite well if I do say so myself!   I've gone to the gym both Monday and Tuesday, yesterday I was unable to go so we'll call it my rest day.  Today I'll be going after work to work on my arms/back/shoulders and of course some cardio.  You can't go to the gym and NOT do cardioright??

I'm hoping to lose a total of 3 lbs this week, 2 of the 4 I gained at the Lake and an additional 1 pound to take me down to 210.  As long as the Weekend Fat Bitch doesn't make an appearance on Friday night, I'm all good.   Someone else needs to entertain her for awhile.   Fingers crossed!

My last mid-week check in I talked about a recipe that I was going to make for the following week.   It was Barramundi with almond pesto.  I made it and my friends, it was amazing!   Light, flaky butter fish, and the pesto was excellent!

The recipe originally called for a different kind of fish but barramundi is by far my favorite!  It's very versatille.

I'm not so much wanting to cook tonight, I really like easy breezy things, so tonight's dinner will be these Morningstar Italian Sausage Links.   The plan is to have "sausage and fried potatoes", potatoes of course meaning ONE baby yukon gold, pan fried with 1 tbsp of EVOO.   

1 link = 120 calories, 7 carbs, 10 grams of protein

Thanks for reading!

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