Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid-Week Check In

Hey there! Happy Thursday!

I've been okay this week.. so far so good with sticking to the plan I've created for myself.

I ate lunch out yesterday, and a co-worker took me out today, but I logged it all and stayed within my alotted calories. 

I made it to the gym Monday and Wednesday, and burned 1490 calories so far this week.  I need 1510 more to make my goal of 3000 for the week.  I have 4 days to do this... I got this.

Last week I mentioned a recipe...  Broiled Spice Rubbed Salmon  and I tried it the other night.  I was not a fan. It was too smokey for me.  While I enjoy smokey flavor, it was overwhelming and I dont really think the right flavor for salmon.  At least that's what I thought of it.  Dmitri didn't care for it either, and told me to stop experimenting. HA!

This weeks recipe -  Barramundi with Almond Pesto  The recipe calls for macadamia nut pesto, but I'm more of an almond fan, so that's what we're goin with instead.   I think I'm actually going to have this for dinner.  I'm in a fish kinda mood today.  Anyway - If you've never had Baramundi, I highly recommend it.  I'd explain the flavor, but I'm clearly no Rachael Ray, or Katie Briner...  so I'll point you to the Wikipedia website here

I'm also going to leave you with this fun little slideshow from  If you're a beer drinker... This one's for you!  

Let me just say that my favorite made the cut!!!

However - it's only "bikini friendly" if you consume them in moderation of course, and by moderation I mean less than 6 at a time! Ha!!

Until next time...


  1. Hello my friend.....I have been away from blog land, but I am back and I am so glad to see you, I simply love reading what you have to say. The pictures are awesome and you look great. I have posted a few new pictures as well from my vacation in HI. I see you have been on vacation as well. I do have a question for ya, does beer not negativly affect you other than the unwanted calories that is....I mean does beer not cause gas? Just curious....

    Keep up the good work....

  2. Hey there!!! I just answered your question on today's "Sunday Q&A". :)

    I'm going to check out your pictures now!! HI sounds amazing!! I'm jealous. And thank you for the compliments!!

    Thanks for following!!