Monday, July 11, 2011

Weigh in Day, Weekly Stats and Plan

Happy Monday kids!

Last weeks Stats -

Total calories - 14475
3 days at the gym (shouldve been 5, but who's counting...) - 2042 calories burned
NET - 12433 comes out to be 1776 average per day. 

That's slightly over maintenance, which explains the scale today.  Booo

I had a great weekend though! Pool all day at my mom's on Saturday, where I proceeded to indulge in a few beers and a margarita.  Few meaning 3.   Then potato chips, and other junk food.   I also skipped the gym.    Sunday , I skipped the gym again and my husband and I went to the Cardinals game, where I again had beer, only 2 this time, and 1/2 a hot dog with extra mustard.  You can't go to a baseball game WITHOUT getting a hot dog!!   Dinner last night was 2 slices of my white chicken pizza.  

So skipping the gym and eating at maintenance during the week and both Saturday and Sunday leads me to this...

Yep.  Up one pound from last week, which was 213.4

So, onto the plan for this week.

Breakfast will be this fabulous oatmeal. It's still on sale at Dierberg's.  10 for $10!!  Go get ya some!! 

Sidenote:  My friend Katie posted this amazing homemade blueberry muffin recipe yesterday on her blog, so I'm glad I bought this, because her pictures looked FANTASTIC!  You can check her out here - My Own Test Kitchen 

Lunches - I made chili on Saturday for the week, but the hubbs had some, so I think I have enough for 3 days.  I'll pair that with a small salad

Snacks - turkey sticks/fruit/string cheese, etc. 

Dinners - TBD as always.   Tonight's dinner, however will be London Broil, and steamed broccoli.

Gym goal this week - 5 days and/or 3000 calories burned.

Have a good week!


  1. Sh*t happens, youll do great this week :) But I am guessing you can blow away 3000 calories in 5 gym days, EASY!!

  2. That's a great goal to have! What do you typically burn per gym session?

  3. Cardio only days... Between 600-650

    Cardio/strength training days... Between 700-750

  4. MMMM, London Broil! I love BEEF. It's what's for dinner you know. My sister is also a fan of big meats!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHA those Seibel girls.....

  6. 3000 calories at the gym, you do know how to pump that iron. I don't think I burn that much in 2 weeks.

  7. Katie - thats because my left leg weighs more than you do! :)

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :) Don't sweat the 1 lb'll be gone in no time. HUGS!