Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffet Dining - Lap Band Style

My mom's birthday was yesterday, and every year we go to the casino, eat at the buffet and gamble.  It's tradition. 

Last year I was pretty new-ish to the Lap Band world, a little over  year out but could still eat my way around the band.  Today however, was not the case.

My first plate was this salad.   It was about 2 cups of spring mix lettuce, parmesan cheese, bacon, and ceasar dressing.  I ate half.

This was my plate.   1 fried pork potsticker, 2 pieces of sushi, 3 small pieces of teriyaki beef,  1 piece of fried cod with tarter sauce, and 6 glazed baby carrots.    I ate the cod, the potsticker, one piece of the sushi, one piece of beef and 3 carrots and I was done.

And we all know you dont got to a casino buffet and not have dessert....

The plate on the left was mom's.  She had a mini creme puff and a neapolitan mousse.  I too had 1 mini creme puff, and the gelato to the right.  I ate one two bites of each flavor, loaded oatmeal cookie, and lemon peach. What you're seeing here is what we left on the table.  

Note to self - eat the gelato FIRST.  It was SO good.


  1. I heart your new picture in front of the arch. Do you have an ice cream maker? Gelato is really easy to make and wayyyy more worth the calories than ice cream.

  2. I've never had gelato...omg it was lovely! No... No ice cream machine. I think thatd be dangerous lol. And thanks!! I like that pic too.