Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Q&A

Another weekend... it was there... now it's gone.  le sigh.

Oh well.   That's life right?  :)

My weekend was good, however I ate a bit too much yesterday.   I should say I "snacked" too much. I just couldnt figure out what I wanted, and when I did it was after 2 Zebra Cakes, a chocolate cone from Dairy Queen, some Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, and some almonds.   Thank God I burned 800 calories at the gym yesterday, because I'm sure I at least maintained since I ate 800 calories in crap.   Weigh in day is tomorrow, so we shall see.

Questions!! Lets get right to it.

#1 is from my friend Melissa.    She says...

"Do you weigh yourself only on the weigh in days or do you weigh yourself everyday but only count the weigh in day?"

 Ohhhh the scale. That god dammed scale!!!   LOL I used to weigh myself daily. But it started to make me crazy.. I'd be up a few lbs, say "screw it" and eat. Or - I'd be down a few lbs and say "yay!!" and then go eat again. It was a vicious cycle. Then I toyed with weighing monthly, but that was too big of a gap for me that I was only losing about 3 lbs a month.  So, I finally went to once a week, and that's what I've been doing ever since. However - let me just say that if the scale is there, meaning in my bathroom I WILL step on it everyday. So - what I do is remove it from the bathroom and put it in my hall closet. On Monday mornings, I bring it out, step on it twice, just to make sure the number is the same, then put that sucker back in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind. Most of the time anyway.  

#2 is a Lap Band related question from my friend Bella..  She asks...

"Does drinking beer negatively affect you other than the unwanted calories that is, I mean, does it cause gas?"

Beer.  How I love me some beer!!   There are SO many answers to this question because each surgeon is different, and honestly each person is different.  For those of you that read this that do not have a band..  the band is fickle.   Very picky in choosing what you can and cant eat, and it varies by the individual.   My very dear friend Lis is able to eat rice.   I'd KILL to be able to eat rice!  I can eat shrimp, but she can't.  Anyway - my point is this... what works for me doesnt necessary work for the next person and so on.   So, back to the beer.   What I find is that YES I"m able to drink beer just fine ONLY if it's on an empty-ish stomach.   We're supposed to wait 30 minutes after a meal before drinking anything, and with beer I find that I have to wait much longer because of the carbonation, and  if I have an empty "pouch" then the beer will go right through and will not sit in there.  Anyway -  beer also fills me up.  Not like wine or mixed drinks, when I drink beer I feel "full".  Again, I guess because of the carbonation, possibly the yeast. I'm not sure.   Since beer affects me like this, I try to drink it in moderation.  My drink of choice is of course wine as most of you know, however when I'm poolside with friends and family, beer is my go-to option.  I just have to make sure that when I decide to eat something, I'm done with the beer.

There ya have it friends!   I'm going to finish my coffee, head to the gym to make sure I hit my 3000 calories burned goal for the week, then head out to my parents' to soak up the sun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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