Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Weigh In Day, Stats and Weekly Plan

What a terrific Monday, eh?? 

Last weeks stats....

Gym 5 days last week for a total of 3491 calories burned.  I surpassed my weekly goal of 3000 calories burned that I set for myself.

I ate a total of 10,338 calories for the week which averages out to 1476 NET per day, which somehow has resulted in a 3lb weight loss this week, down to 211, from 214 last week.  And I'll take that!

This week's plan...

Oatmeal for breakfast
Salads for lunch
snack - almonds/fruit/turkey sticks/string cheese
dinners - fish - chicken - veggies

This weeks goal for myself... STICK TO MY PLAN.  1200-1400 calories each day, and gym everyday.   I can't afford to allow my snacking get carried away this week.  I'll only be able to get to the gym Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.   Thursday I'll be packing and getting ready for my Girls Weekend away at the Lake, Friday-Sunday.   I can assure you there will be nothing but junk food to accompany the flowing alcohol all weekend.

Have a great week!!

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