Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weigh In Saturday

No.. I'm not confused.   I know I usually weigh in on Mondays, but today is October 1 and after a few months of struggling and being in a food induced coma most days, a dear friend of mine told me that I should stop beating myself up and to "look at how far I've come".   Actually,  many of my friends have said this to me.  However, as we all know,  anyone who has lost a good amount of weight, it gets harder, even more difficult when you're that much closer to your goal. 

After losing 100+ lbs, my body is stuck.   And when I get stuck, I get frustrated and say to hell with it all.  That is when the setback begins.

So - after talking to my friend Cyndi, and hearing her very wise advice, "PUT THE DAMN SCALE AWAY"...  I'm doing just that.   

Today I weighed in...

220 lbs.   Down 3 lbs this week which means I made my goal (2 days early) that I set for myself last Monday.

So - I'm up 9 lbs from my lowest of 211.   I PROMISE YOU I will be at 211 (or lower) on November 1 when I weigh in again.

I'll do a weekly check in this month, instead of a weekly weigh in. 

I hope Cyndi knows what she's talking about. LOL

Have a great weekend ladies!!!

sidenote:  No polished toes today Carolyn...  only lime green socks!!!  :)


  1. Me and Sue just finished talking smack about our frenemy the scale. Bastard!

    PS I'm getting a pedicure as I type this.

  2. HA!!! It is INDEED a frenemy!!! I dont know about you, but my scale is a vicious bitch! LOL

    HORRAY for pedis!!!