Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Reasons Why Women Should Stay Away From Weights

Put it down, woman!

1. You might break a nail.
2. You could even bruise a male ego or two.
3. You’ll eat properly and still be able to lose fat. Work of the devil!
4. You’ll look more like an athlete and less like a runway model. Skeletal is sexy, right?
5. You’ll be able to lift heavy things without asking a man for help, thus upsetting the balance of the universe.
6. You will be seen in public without high heels.
7. You’ll grunt, sweat and feel sore. So unladylike!
8. You’ll be proud of your pert bum instead of being self conscious about it like a normal woman.
9. You’ll be more active and confident instead of sitting around looking pretty. What are you, some kind of feminist?
10. You’ll be stronger, leaner and sexier – and we all know where that can lead!

HA!!! I loved this when I read it this morning.   I absolutely LOVE lifting weights. Strong bones, tendons, and muscles that also look and perform better; what woman would want that…?

Simply put, a weight trained woman will look better, and feel better in my opinion. There's just something about feeling stronger... having my muscles contract when I work them slowly.  There is seriously nothing better!   Luckily for me, today is my upper body training day.  

Now here's a good article on why women should lift weights...   ENJOY!  :)

Have a good Wednesday kids!

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