Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey there!

So, on Sunday after my weekend of fatty-food (yet OH SO DELICIOUS) eating... I weighed in at 229.

I'm happy to report, that today, just 3 days later - I'm down to 227.  

I've logged onto MyFitnessPal everyday, logged all my food, and I've been honest with myself. 

Living with my parents is not easy!!   My dad is a meat and potatoes kinda guy, he also has a love affair with potato chips and cookies, specifically Double Stuff Oreos, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.   There are 7 boxes of Thin Mints in the freezer 10 feet from my bed right now.  Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to NOT open that box and eat them all!!??    I'm not really sure how he's NOT fat, but whatever..  obviously I wasn't blessed with his metabolism.  Then we have Ms Grace... whom eats pretty healthy for the most part because that's what I've tried to teach her, and lead by example, but she's not deprived in any way and of course we have things like fruit and string cheese, granola bars, and cereal (from Costco no less... who the hell needs 5 lbs of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!???)  and fruit snacks.. my god I'm a sucker for some good fruit snacks!  Then we have my mother.   My mom is a snacker too.  Wonder where I get it from.  HA!   But luckily she eats pretty healthy too.   She's a FABULOUS baker, and her meatloaf is to die for.  So, I indulge on Sunday's when she makes a family dinner, but other than that we're cooking 3 separate meals a night.  It's hectic, but overall seems to work out okay.

Anyway, with all these temptations, I've been eating the "right way" according to my surgeon's rules because I have not done that in a very long time.  It's amazing what following the rules will do for ya.    For those of you that don't know, the rules are pretty simple...  lean protein first, followed by veggies, then finally carbs/starch.     The protein ALWAYS fills me up, and that's why I'm so used to eating them last, because let's face it... I'd rather have the mashed potatoes first! :)

I've been eating healthier snacks, something like this...  I've been avoiding almonds even though I love them, seeing as though I can't stick to one serving, and before I know it I'll have eaten them all.

Dinner last night was this lovely frozen delicacy

If you haven't had these, you HAVE to try them.   It's a complete meal, in a parchment pouch.  They're roughly $7.99 for 2 full meals.  They're in the frozen section, and there are several different options.   This specific one is 390 calories, 28 grams of protein.    The only downfall, by the time I'm ready to eat dinner after the gym, I hate waiting 30 minutes for them to cook.  They have a microwave option for 8 minutes, but I try to avoid that at all costs.  It never tastes the same, and since they have really good flavor it's worth the 30 minute wait.

That's it for me today.  Have a great day kids!

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