Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Weigh In Day and New Years Resolutions

Hey!! Guess what happens when you take control over what you're putting into your mouth combined with exercise...

A 5 lbs loss, that's what!!!   Granted, since I gained 12 lbs over the holidays, I'm still up 7 lbs, but a 5lbs loss is a vast improvement, and a step in the right direction.

I had the day off today, so I decided to start the week off right.. hit the gym for an hour and 20 minutes, and burned 923 calories.  I was really working it today!! I guess all those New Year's Resolution people had me motivated. LOL  Speaking of... I hate the NYR's.   I know that's probably not the nicest thing to say, but seriously... pick a machine, get on it or MOVE out of my way.  I mean really... they'll be gone by mid February anyway, and the gym will be back to normal.  Thank God.

Let's talk food for today.  Since the gym is my strong suit, and food isn't, my New Year's Resolution isn't to lose weight, that's my daily life, but it's to be more accountable with what I"m eating.  I usually don't make NYR's only because it's more than likely something I should be doing anyway, just like this one, but I thought "why the hell not?"

I didn't have breakfast today, instead just coffee, then I made my way to Gold's.

Lunch was a salad... (sorry I dont have a pic) romaine lettuce, bacon pieces, tomato basil feta, shredded carrots, croutons and Botlhouse Ceasar.

About 2 hours later I was hungry.. a salad with no protein, of course I was hungry.   Good thing I decided to make soup before I left for the gym.


This was FANTASTIC!! I cooked it in low fat/low sodium chicken broth instead of water, and it made about 8 cups.  1 cup of soup was 210 calories, and VERY filling.

Dinner tonight was shrimp and rice...

7 large shrimp sauteed in the jerk sauce, mixed with 1 container rice/veggies - 480 calories.

This rice/veggie mix is usually $1.25... the entire box is 210 calories, and you microwave them for about 2 minutes.

 These are found in the freezer section as well, they're quite pricey though.. $7.99 for a box, and about 14 large shrimp, (2 servings).  Schnuck's had them on sale last week BOGO, so for 2 boxes, $8.00 I figured I could justify that.  Especially since that's 4 meals for me.   It was VERY good!!  I got the Island Lime Flavor too.  I'll try those this week.

So...  I consumed 1383 calories today, burned 923 and I'm left with a NET intake of 460 calories.  A bit low for me, but seeing as though my birthday's in 6 days, and I have several days planned with friends eating and drinking, I think it'll be fine and I'll make up for it somewhere along the way.

Have a great week, and Happy New Year!


  1. I'll be doing the same Jac. Getting my ass in gear. Since I was pretty sedentary while recovering from my accident I put on some pounds. I'm starting off slow, but hopefully will be kicking some ass like you soon enough!

  2. Well let me wish you an early happy happy birthday!!!! Great job on the five lb loss. I totally hate NYR. I started back to the gym before NYE and it was mistaken by a friend for a NYR. It made me a little irritated as my going to the gym isn't a NYR that will be forgotten by mid February. As I said I hate NYR. But I am back tot he gym and other than the soreness, I am liking it again.

    Have a great Birthday Honey.